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Category: Security

If you use the Forefront Threat Management Gateway as a web proxy you have the possibility to restrict the access to websites. You can configure that individually for user groups or specific websites.

That could lead to problems in certain scenarios. If the access to the site is blocked for an user, he has no possibility to relogon to the proxy with another user account. There will be only a http error 502 (bad gateway).

There is an option to chance that. Instead of the 502 error a TMG login form will be displayed. Unfortunately you can’t change that via the GUI, you have to use a VB script.
For further details and the script see the MSDN Library.

There are currently some problems with Internet Explorer 9 and the Forefront Threat Management Gateway console. After the IE9 installation, the console can be opened but crashes immediately.

The problem is known by Microsoft, but there is no solution at the moment. You should wait with the update until the fix is released.

If you already installed IE9 you can either uninstall it again, or do but the following workaround.

* Open “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\UI_HTMLs\TabsHandler\”
* Search for the 3 lines which contain “paddingTop”, and remark-out each of them by adding “//” in the begining.
Example: Change the line:
m_aPages [niPage] = ((m_nBoostUp < 0) ? -m_nBoostUp : 0) ;
// m_aPages [niPage] = ((m_nBoostUp < 0) ? -m_nBoostUp : 0) ;
* Save the file, and re-open TMG management console.

Found at:


The problem was solved with SP2 (available here).